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For my daughter's 4th birthday I asked her what kind of party she wanted (I always wanted to make her birthdays special since we don't have a lot of other children around her age living near us). She told me that she wanted to go to Disneyland. We live in Australia and there was NO WAY could afford going all the way to Disneyland... so, I made Disneyland come to her!


Well, there are a TON of ideas on how to make your location look like disneyland. All we did was make our backyard gazebo look like a castle with some cardboard boxes we had laying around. Where we stepped the party up is by making it a Costume Party.

Like I mentioned, we do not have a lot of children around us at this point in time... so what better thing could a parent do but make all of their friends dress up in costume and make it the BEST DISNEYLAND PARTY EVER!


This was a dessert party because its the middle of summer! Its pretty hot so we held it in the cool of the evening.


We just had a simple ice cream cake in the shape of a castle with Disney Princess Candles. Simple. Simple.


For games we just had a karaoke machine with Disney songs and danced under the gazebo. Not much to it, except dressing up.

So, that was our Disneyland Party... Happy Partying to you!




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