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Since my boys birthdays are only a week apart, I decided that I would combine their parties this year. We went for the classic Dinosaur theme! Who doesn't love dinosaurs? Especially little boys. We had a lot of fun with this party and here is what I came up with...

For the invitation, we moved to the world of evite. I picked a dinosaur theme for the evite. 

I went SIMPLE with this party! We had cupcakes. Super easy and I topped them with toy dinosaurs so they went along with the them. You can also try using dinosaur candies so they can be eatable. Place them on dino footprint napkins and its a win!


So I bought a couple of key decor items from the Oriental Trading Company. I chose theses hanging swirls for the center of the room but I used crepe paper streamers from the Dollar Tree.

Other things I used were their personal dinosaurs and I just printed some basic pictures off the internet to hang on the wall. I also made huge dinosaurs out of cardboard but I can NOT find a picture of it. I turned our garage into a dinosaur cave where I had several games. I will keep digging around for some photos but to be honest party days are the busiest and I rely on others to take pics. 

I has also places a trail of dinoprints around the room that led to each game center and the bathroom so people knew where they were going. 

We also had a photo station with this cut out. It was a pricer purchase than I'm used to but I'm sure I'll be pulling it out for several more parties since the dinosaur theme never goes away.


We had a "Dig Site" where I picked up doggie bones from the Dollar Tree and some small dinosaur skeleton toys

We also had a "Wild Dinosaurs" game where all the dinosaurs (the kids) had to chase the grown ups around and eat them while wearing a dinosaur hat or a mask. This was a hit! 
The Land Before Time movie was playing in the background.


Every child received a dinosaur hat upon arrival. This really put them into character. I added fabric bows to the top of the hats with a glue gun to appeal to the little girls at the party.  If they didn't like the hat, I gave them the option of masks instead.

Their favor bags were just simple paper lunch bags containing bubbles, dinosaurs, silly straws, candy and a thank you note. 

To seal the bag I just punched holes with a hole puncher and ran ribbon through and tied a bow. I glued a little thank you note on the outside and they were ready to go. 

So, that was our Toy Story Party... Happy Partying to you!



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