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For my daughter's 8th birthday we did a Puss in Boots Theme. Because the movie is still in theaters, there wasn't any sort of party supplies for this birthday party theme. So after searching Google Images and Blog stalking party sites we came up with a few adapted ideas and a few originals. So here are some Puss in Boots Birthday Party Ideas...


I decided to make a movie ticket style invitation since I had planned to take the kids to the theater to see the movie.I found a similar invitation on ETSY.COM by YourPartyDesigns but I made this one for our party. Buy from them if you don't know how to do these projects yourself.


Since we are in the midst of moving house, I could not host an actual party... however, I have looked at a bunch of sites and collected a variety of ideas for a party in this particular theme. 

The only party supply item I could find for this theme was a foil balloon but I'm sure over time there will be more.

Mexican Bunting is used throughout the film. You can find very beautifully made bunting on ETSY.COM pictured below. I found this made by CApow. I loved it immediately! However, I tend to make all my own decorations to save a buck. The second picture below is how I would go about doing it. I would either make flags from different colored material and spray paint lace over the top with black spray paint OR I would just take rectangle paper doilies and paint them multicolor and hang them. Also, any type of Mexican Fiesta type decor would work... there are just a few of my thoughts.

Movie Scene

Jack and the beanstalk is a great reference point to search for ideas when you watch this movie. I found this pool noodle beanstalk that I love! The noodles were tied together at one end with raffia then weaved together like a braid. Very creative. Kudos to Piggy Bank Parties on creativity!

Movie Scene

When the movie comes out on video it would be fun to have a "drive-in" viewing of the movie too! I found this picture on pinterest.

For centerpieces I would put something like this rubber ducky display on the table... however I would get styrofoam eggs (instead of balls) and paint them gold and put them on a diy terracotta cake stand with a rubber ducky on top... something like that. (example below)

Another Idea is to have a Terracotta drip tray with a few green lima beans or Kiwi Jelly Bellys on them.

movie scene

I would also hang a few of these posters around the room.


For the Party Hats, I would have probably bought some cheap pirate hats at the Dollar Tree and added a feather (as pictured). There are also hats for sale already made at CarnivalSource.com (pictured) or... you can go a step more and add cat ears like this girl did (pictured).


The Goodie Bags had lots of little things in it. I made a coloring book, added ferrero rochers as "golden eggs" and a few kiwi jelly bellies wrapped up as "magic beans".


What we actually did was go out to lunch and then a movie. But here are some food thoughts...

Mexican Food

Leche/Milk in a jug or shot glasses. This is in the film a few times.

However, I would maybe have this kind of decoration... a green straw with a cloud on it so it looks like  a beanstalk.

Or how about a gold colored punch or Sparkling Cider with Vanilla Ice Cream Clouds decorated like this?

Original Recipe

How about some Humpty Dumpty Deviled Egg Sandwiches and even green licorice Bean Stalks!

Piggy Bank Parties has some good ideas


Because we were at a restaurant, we got a piece of complimentary cake! However, I did make a cupcake pics for the cake.

Print Cupcake Pics here


Upon arrival you can have the kids make cat masks (Print Template here) or Face Painting.

My original thought was to do a relay race since its for an 8 year old's birthday party. As they do each challenge they would get a coin and the first to get all their coins wins.

1. Egg Race: Balancing eggs across the finish line with Golden Eggs.

2. A "Big Boot Race": Using big boots instead of flippers to race in.

3. "Hatch a Golden Egg": Popping a gold balloon with a coin in it.

4. The Skilled Swordsman: Pick up a pool ring with a sword and put it on the neck of a rubber ducky. Maybe the coin could be taped to the bottom of the ducky.

Take all your coins to the collector and the winning team gets a prize. But I tend to give all the kids a prize... just so no one feels left out.

Also, a classic game of pin the tail on the donkey... very fitting for the theme.

Another thought is a pinata... you can NEVER go wrong with that!

So, that was our Puss in Boots Party... Happy Partying to you!




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  2. I love it! Thank you

  3. very impressed omg i love it

  4. Thank You!! My daughter asked for a Puss in Boots party and I had no idea what I was gonna do.

  5. thank you so much! awesome ideas... you're save the day!

  6. You are an absolute lifesaver! I am not creative in any sense of the word and when my daughter asked for a Puss in Boots birthday party (coinciding with the DVD release) I was at a complete loss. Now it's going to be the best party I've thrown for her yet! Thank you so much!!

  7. Thank you! The food ideas alone are brilliant! Also loving the games and loot bag ideas!

  8. You are brilliant!! Thank you!

  9. It's now 2012 and STILL no decorations!! Thank you so much for your creativity. I'm so excited to plan my sons party. He is going to be thrilled!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  10. Brilliant! Thanks for the ideas, so creative x

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