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I'm just a mother of four trying to take time to  make sure each one of my kids feel special. 
I try to create parties that are very unique to them and is inexpensive for me. 
My goal is to help inspire creativity for others and help them with the first step.
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Tangled / Rapunzel

For my daughter's 6th birthday we did a Disney's Tangled Theme. We were surprised to see that there was virtually NOTHING for this party theme as the movie had been released for several months. So after searching Google Images and Blog stalking party sites we came up with a few adapted ideas and a few originals. So here are some Tangled Birthday Party Ideas...


I searched high and low for invitations and stumbled across a few pics that I liked.I found a similar invitation on ETSY.COM by Posh Printables but I made this one for our party. Buy from them if you don't know how to do these projects yourself.


The most helpful website for Tangled ideas was a blog by Cafe Mom. I saw the door idea and immediately knew I was going to do it. However, I have a window on the top of my door so I put a picture of Rapunzel peeking out through the window.

Tangled Birthday Party Ideas, Rapunzel

I also had these lanterns hanging everywhere. I just made a design to look similar to the lantern in the movie and printed them out. Once again, MINIMAL ink. I have pot lights in the main room where we were having the party so I hung them directly below the lights (it took 2 sheets) and when I turned on the lights, it added to the scene.

Print Here

I was originally looking for the purple flag banner from the Tangled movie and that's how I originally stumbled across Cafe Mom's ideas. I could not afford to do the printing so I opted to make them myself. It was a way cheaper option but very time consuming. However, I only did one strand. If you plan to do more, I recommend printing Cafe Mom's banner to save time. I bought a purple table cloth (Dollar Tree) and cut them into large triangles and used scotch tape to attach them to a string the length of the room we would be in. I printed these sun designs from my home computer which was 5 pages of MINIMUM ink vs the 9+ pages I would have had to print for the same length. I glued them onto my homemade banner. Well worth the work as they completed the look. Another option is to buy a purple pennant banner from The Oriental Trading Company and then cut out the suns for a more authentic look.

The hanging medallions  I made from a Tangled Sticker book ($1) I found at the local Dollar Tree. It had no stickers in it so the book was useless except to make these hanging medallions. I just cut the best pictures into circles and hole punched the top and hung them by a ribbon. The book did come with a large centerfold poster of the village scene with the flag banner in it.

Tangled Birthday Party Ideas, Rapunzel


For the Party Hats, I bought a pack of mini tiaras from my local Party City. I used a golden colored yarn for the hair. I cut the yarn into 2 yard pieces and for each tiara I used 12 strands. I looped it through the comb and made sure the tiara met the middle of the yarn. I wrapped all the pieces around the back of the tiara and tied them back with tiny rubber bands. I then braided the yarn all the way to the bottom and tied it again with a rubber band. Another option is to hot glue small silk flowers through the braid to make it more like the movie. I added a sign so the girls knew they could take one and we were set! With the door braid and 12 tiara braids I used 1 skein of yarn!

The Goodie Bags or "Goodie Pans" had lots of little things in it. I found all the items in the pans at my local Dollar Tree... including the pans! There were rings, earrings, candy and I even found Tangled notebooks there! I found a cute little picture online with Rapunzel holding a pan and I adapted it to make a Favor Tags for on top of the pans. My favorite part is the picture of Pascal next to the sign. I printed out a picture of Pascal from online and cut it out... so cute.

I had an lily because this party was right after Easter so I thought I would just add a picture of Mother Gothel singing her song to the magic flower... just for effect. 

Tangled Birthday Party Ideas, Rapunzel


The Party was over lunch so we did pizza because almost all kids like pizza but overall I tried to make it an elegant little girls party. We had fruit, some veggies and of course some sweets. I had Sparkling Cider which was a first for some of the girls. They felt very grown up. 

Tangled Birthday Party Ideas, Rapunzel

The few things that my sister I purchased out of the Tangled Party supply options were 2 Table Covers and 1 Happy Birthday Banner. Pretty much everything else was bought at my local Dollar Tree.


My sister was organizing the  cake but because Tangled Birthday decor is so limited we only found one cake topper and some cupcake toppers. So she ended up using a Tangled toy as the cake topper  and it doubled as her birthday gift. The Cake was store bought and she just requested the colors and the writing. It was very simple but by adding the Tangled toy it looked fantastic!

Tangled Birthday Party Ideas, Rapunzel


Upon arrival we had bubbles (which are always a huge hit) and chalk so they can recreate the art like in the movie. This was a lot of fun.

Inside the house, we had friendship bracelets that they could make. Be warned... it can be a big mess if a few children accidentally drop their bracelets before being tied. I made a sign that represented friendship to be placed on the table.

Tangled Birthday Party Ideas, Rapunzel
We also had a painting table as Rapunzel was quite the artist in the movie. We actually made this art into lanterns by punching holes in the top and stringing it up with ribbon so the children could take them home. I found a cute picture online for the sign.

Tangled Birthday Party Ideas, Rapunzel

"They never get my nose right" is Flynn's the ongoing joke in movie about his reward poster.. so my husband made me this Wanted Poster without a nose for Pin the Nose on Flynn. He also made a sheet of noses so the kids could all have a turn. In the end all were winners and they all received a trophy for their efforts.

Print here

So, that was our Tangled Party... Happy Partying to you!


I'm always wanting to personalize the kids school party so my typical treat is donuts. Cupcakes almost always find their way to the floor top down. So to minimize spills and have something sweet I usually go to the bakery and pick up 2 dozen glazed or chocolate glazed. I made these little pics for the donuts to hand out to the kids with their donuts. I just taped them to a toothpick and there was a treat for all!

Tangled Birthday Party Ideas, Rapunzel



This the the most amazing totally awesome part I have ever seen ! I have so many good ideas of my own now thank for the inspiration.
Not so much fancy things at our party but thank you for sharing your beautiful gift.

just found you through google images! Cutest party ever! I am doing a Tangled theme for my 4 year old, but we just moved, so it will just be family, I am wishing we hadn't moved yet so we could invite friends and use all of these cute ideas! I think I am going to make her one of those braids though, she will LOVE it! I especially love the pin the nose on Flynn! TOO CUTE!

Ohh I love it! Thanks for sharing. Here in Brazil is even harder to find toppers, or even the toys.. we just have the regular Rapunzel the size of a barbie.

Is there anyway you can please email me the lantern design, the thank you favor tags, and the noses for the poster...I am doing a tangled party in 2 weeks and can't seem to download them! Thank you!! Rpeanut77@hotmail.com!!

@Rpeanut77@hotmail.com... I will look for it on my computer but I did put a link on there. I'll see if I can find it. :)

Thank you so much for posting and taking the time for adding the links. My soon to be 5 year old wants a tangled party and all the ideas you have here will help me out! I love it all!!! THANK YOU again!!! Appreciate it...great blog!

I can't print the lanterns either. Can you email it to me too at mareya21@msn.com thank you!!!

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thank you so much for all the awesome ideas. My daughter is turning 5 next month and she wants a tangled theme bday party...this really comes handy and i'll adapt most it thank you for taking the time to share this!!!

I apologize if you couldn't print the lanterns... I've relinked it.

Thank you so much for sharing these amazing ideas!

Thank you so much for all the great ideas. I love the fring pan goody bag/pan. I hope I can find this. Good eye on spotting them. I tried printing the lanterns and it would not print. But I took your great idea and ran with it. Thank you so much.

It told me I had to sign up for an account and pay to download it and print it

i love your birthday party ideas. ill be planning my daughters 4th birthday here soon. her birthday is in march. if you could tell me where to find the frying pans you used for the goodies id really appreciate it. its an important part in my house :)
email me at amanda1027@myway.com

thanks so much,

Amanda, I got them at my local 'Dollar Tree'. You might want to check out your local store. :)

Super cute party ideas.. thanks for the ideas

Okay, I have the mini tiaras but cannot figure out how you looped them through the comb?? It's a lot of string...do you go through the little holes in the front? Hmmm...

Doing a 4 year old party for our daughter and she LOVES tangled! thank you so much for sharing a posting. i love creative people!

I can't print the Flynn poster and noses. Can you e-mail them to me? stouferj@gmail.com. thanks!

I am having trouble with the poster and nose also , can u send me the link also mzcandilane@yahoo.com

Hi- I am hoping you can offer a little more info regarding the braid attached to mini tiara..I am not sure how you attached the yarn to the tiara or how much yarn to use..any chance you can offer a bit more info?

I love all of your ideas and am piecing together my own Tangled Tea Party. I cannot seem to download OR print the suns, lanterns or Donut tags??? It says I need to subscribe to Scribd? Is this true? You can email me if you have a chance... hlchappell@me.com Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

Your ideas are amazing!! I am so excited I found this site cuz I'm in the process of planning my daughters 3rd birthday and it's a Tangled party!! Can you please email me Flynn's poster and nose. Also the lanterns!! I'm so excited! Thank you so much. michellerizdy@gmail.com

Hi you did an amazing job on the party!! loved all the ideas! I also couldn't download or print the lanterns or Flynn poster if you don't mind can you PLEASE send them to my email as soon as possible! Ladyzins@gmail.com thanks!

Hi , I was trying to print the lanterns and the poster with the noses and I couldn't :( if you don't mind ,could you please send them to my email pleaseeee I really appreciate it. lamasbonita27@hotmail.com thanks

Wow! love your ideas! Great job! I'm trying to print the lanterns and poster with Flynn Rider and I'm having trouble. If you have time, do you mind emailing them to me? run2_simpich@hotmail.com. Thank you sooo much!

Thank you so much for these ideas; I'll be using couple of them for my daughter's BD.
I'm having trouble downloading the poster of Flynn Rider and his nose. Can you please send these to me directly at shivandjay@sympatico.ca?
Thanks in advance.

What fabulous ideas! thank you so much for sharing! I too am unable to download the lanterns and Flynn. Can you please email them to me at nursemerri@yahoo.com ?

Thank you so much!

Oh my goodness!!! I love you so much! You saved me a fortune and HOURS of time! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for sharing your ideas. Could you possibly send me the file of the Flynn Poster and noses? It is SO amazingly cute. I would love the lanterns as well. When you have time please send them to me to nikkers2000{at}yahoo{dot}com

This is such an adorable party! I wish I could still get away with themes like this in college.

Love the ideas thank you.. I'm just having trouble on how you looped the yarn please tell or email.me judithgalavez@gmail.com

This is adorable! I've taken many of your ideas to use at my daughter's party this weekend. I particularly love the door decor, with the braid. Thanks for the great ideas!

Adriana--from Ottawa, Canada

wow , I love your party ideas ! So creative, you've done an amazing job. I am planning my daughters party and hope that it will look as amazing as yours .Thanks so much for sharing :)

Love all your ideas thank you. I love the lanterns and I am also having a hard time printing them out.
Can you please email them to me @ debra06@hotmail.com I would really appricate it.
Thank you

I luv all the ideas n I have made alot of stuff for my daughters bday party but I cant seem to download the lanterns n the signs for the braclets n painting n also the one for the goody pans plz send them to my email mdlagarza6@yahoo.com also wanted to know if the pans r plastic or just any regular frying pan My gurls r really excited for the party to b here already thank u for all the great ideas

gracia spor compartir con nosotras tus ideas y juegos gracias

Hello. I am also having trouble looping the yarn on tiaras. Can u please help explain how u did it? U can email me at ambzncraig at yahoo dot com. Thanks

Hi my daughter's Birthday is the 26th of Jan I came across your blog on pinterest Omg what great idea's I would of never thought of.I see you are popular with email with everyone asking so I feel bad asking but Id like to print the flinn and noses and the 2 little signs that say paint with me and friendship bracelets here is my email I would be so greatful jachsahh@gmail.com

Does anyone know if the goodie pans are "real" pans or toy pans? I can't tell from the picture and haven't been to my own Dollar Tree in sometime. Thank you.

I would love a copy of the Flynn print. I've tried several different options but non of them are a high enough resolution to make a poster. tlane_22@hotmail.com


Thank you so much for the ideas! My daughter turns 5 after Easter this year and I think I'll be using some of your ideas!!! :)

Thank you so much for all the ideas, I am in South Africa and after so many months, SA still does not have stock of tangled, there is limited party goodies, but no toys etc, my husband brought my daughter a Tangled doll after visiting Tokyo.
Her party is coming up soon and she is crazy about Tangled, you have given me so many ideas.

Keep sharing, thanks Joe

if possible could you email me the lanterns and the pin the nose on flynn posters.

Thank you for all of the great ideas. I can't print the lanterns or pin the nose on Flynn unless I pay for a subscription. Would you mind emailing them to me?

Thanks for sharing these great party ideas!! For my 16th birthday I am looking for sweet 16 venues in nyc and one the best party theme. I hope you will provide best party ideas to me!!

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