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For my youngest son's 1st birthday, we gave him Toy Story birthday. He LOVES this movie. His brother had a Cars birthday and although he loves that movie, he equally loves Toy Story. Both movies are constantly playing in my home. Anyway, here is what I came up with...

For the invitation, I just took some pictures off the internet and spliced them together. I found some Toy  and Story Fonts that helped me to create my own look that is very similar to the move theme.

I'm almost embarrassed by this cake but hey, I'm just a mom who is a bad baker and I'm trying to love on my kids... even if my skill level doesn't match the vision in my brain. If I can outsource this task, I will. But this time I couldn't. So what I did is baked 1 basic sheet cake. I used most of it for the bed. I cut 2 inches off the top of the cake and used that to make the pillows. The headboard and footer were made of classic wafers.

For the blocks I make Rice Krispy Treats and used frosting and cake letters. I added characters on the cake with a '1' candle and voila.. a very good attempt at a Toy Story Cake. ;)


So did this party SUPER CHEAP. With my new fonts, I printed out some signs for the party. I also printed out characters and scenes from the Toy Story Web Site that I put on the wall. 

We had a Mr. Potato Head that we used as a prop and tons of army men. One of the favorites was using the army men in various scenes around the house. My brother had an original Woody Doll that he had since the movie originally came out. He passed it along as a gift and we used that as a prop too. I used primary color balloons and streamers to complete the look.


Every child got a party hat, a sheriff's badge and bag of play dough. Simple yet effective. 


We had the movie playing in the background the whole time. This was fun as you get a lot of divergent 1-3 year olds walking around.  TOYS, TOYS, TOYS was the name of the game. Free play and lots of Toys so they could have their own Toy Story amidst melt downs and sugar rushes. Fun times. ;)

So, that was our Toy Story Party... Happy Partying to you!



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