Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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When my oldest daughter turned 5, she was obsessed with Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Her birthday is in late November so it wasn't an outrageous idea to have her birthday party with that theme. In fact, it kind of killed two birds with one stone as Christmas was right around the corner and I could decorate in a kid-friendly way instead of saving it for after her party. In Australia this wasn't a very big thing as holidays aren't as commercialized here. However, my family had previously sent her some stuffed animals which was the catalyst for her obsession. Here is what I came up with...

My daughter wanted to do the invitations herself, so we just had her color the pages from her Rudolph Coloring Book and then I wrote the details on the paper. 

She also colored a page her cake topper/cupcake topper for her classroom party. We cut it out and taped a chopstick to the back and inserted it into the cupcake. I just printed a page with the characters and taped toothpicks on the pack so I can use them as toppers. 

For her family party, my sister-in-law made simple chocolate cupcakes that when put together, they formed the shape of Rudolph. 

For her actual birthday party, my sister-in-law made individual Rudolph cupcakes. The kids really enjoyed seeing the character on their own cupcake instead of everyone fighting over the nose on 1 big cake. ;)

A good friend of ours also made an ice cream cake for Joy... she had a LOT of cakes that year. ;)


Since November in Australia is very close to summer and where we live it is VERY HOT and we had to put on the air conditioning to make it feel "wintery". We painted the windows in our house with basic acrylics, a lot like at a department store. The kids helped too. We also did a lot of paper snow flakes and put up our christmas tree. 


We had a pin the nose on Rudolph Game, a Gingerbread Play House out of cardboard and a make your own snowflakes activity. The top activity we did was ice skating. We have wooden floors so we covered them with baby powder and let the kids "skate" with their socks on. This was super fun but it took us about a week to really get the baby powder off our wooden floors. It is VERY slippery but the kids did enjoy it. 

So, that was our Rudolph Party... Happy Partying to you!




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