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For my oldest son's 2nd birthday, we gave him a Pixar's Cars birthday. He LOVES this movie. Even though the movie came out a couple of years ago, he is just now at that age to really enjoy the story... and being such a "boy", he loves little matchbox cars and everything tough. So in the spirit of little boys and cars, here is what I came up with...

For the invitation, I just took some pictures off the internet and added a road and some checkered borders. I found some fonts that looked race car-ish and created my own.

If you read my blogs, I am NOT a baker! I'm probably one of the worst baker... but that doesn't mean I don't try. If I can outsource this task, I will. But this time I couldn't. So what I did is baked 2 basic sheet cakes. I stacked them on top of each other and I cut it out in the shape of a race car stadium. 

and I did my best to recreate a stadium. I had a Lightning McQueen candle and with frosting made a race track. I used 100sand1000s (sprinkles) to make it look like a ton of people in a crowd. It was a good effort. ;) He doesn't care what it looks like. He's 2 and its CAKE!

If you want to do it SUPPER SIMPLE. Buy a cake from the shopping center and add a character candle on top. Its less stress and its cake... your child WILL BE happy. ;)


SI did this party SUPER CHEAP. I bought a basic Cars banner on Amazon for a few bucks. Thats the only real official Cars decoration I bought. I printed out some scenes from the Cars movie web site that I put on the wall. I put scenes from some of the games on the wall.  There were a TON of crafts that I used to set the scene for the party, like the playset on the website. 

I used basic balloons and drew 95 and checkers on them to personalize them.


We I did get some party supplies from Spotlight.  This is the benefit of doing a party after the theme has been released for a few years. Its not too expensive and it seem s like less work.

Every child got a party hat, a blower and a hot wheels car. The car only cost $1 each so it was the perfect gift!


With a bunch of 2 year olds you don't need to plan a bunch of games... they are 2! So we just had a lot of stations for kids to free play. We had play dough, duplo and hot wheels. They had a blast and it was SIMPLE! MY favorite kind of party. 

So, that was our Cars Party... Happy Partying to you!




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