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My sister and her husband are in full-time Christian Missionary work like my husband and I are. Since they is visiting, we'd decided to throw them a Baby Shower for their first baby. As she was kind of undecided between Books and Travel for a theme, we kind of meshed it into both to create this baby shower...




Because its a one of a kind theme, I created the invitation with the closest book quote that I could possibly imagine.  


We worked with maps, globes and children's stories. Suitcases and baby blue were woven throughout as she's expecting a baby boy.

For the tables we focused in on the children's books.

We made a sitting area for my sister to enjoy her shower and open gifts... as well as use for a photo backdrop. 


We created Chinese Take Out containers for the favors as we had so much dessert for all to take.


We had LOTS of finger foods! Especially food that correlated with a book or two.

Dessert was the name of the game. It worked REALLY well with a lot of children's books.


We did a mix of typical baby shower activities but some of the highlights were the madlibs at each place setting. They were really fun to read out and were kept for the baby's scrap book. We also tested people's knowledge on the recent costs of baby items in a Price is Right game.

So, that was our Books and Travel Baby Shower... Happy Partying to you!




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