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My sister-in-law Eve found out they were having their first boy. They were super excited and with my brother being a big sports fan, they decided that they wanted a Sports Themed Baby Shower for their "little slugger". Teaming up with my other sister-in-law Kelsey, this is what we came up with...




I kind of mashed up a few things I had seen on previous invitations. Its nothing special but I was going for super simple. 


We stuck with football, baseball, basketball as they are the main American sports that my brother follows. We wanted to create centerpieces that were sporty but still felt soft and feminine as it was her baby shower. Our flower of choice was baby's breath because it added softness without dominating the centerpieces.

We used onsies in their favorite teams to create buntings around the room. They were gifted to Eve for the baby after their initial baby shower use.

We also made decorations for the nursery and used those as shower decor. We made letters and spray painted old trophies just to add to the effect. 


Nothing says ball game like Cracker Jacks! We just bought a bunch of 3 pack cracker Jacks from the Dollar Tree whick made of a frugal and delicious treat.


We had fruit, popcorn, lemonade and cupcakes for the shower. One gal brought cute decorates mason jars instead of plastic cups. It added a nice personal touch to the day.


My sister-in-law Kelsey made the cupcakes for the party. She is the cupcake queen!


We did a mix of typical baby shower activities like, daddy or mommy. Who's eyes will the baby have? Who's nose will the baby have? etc. Mom will have answered the questions previously and the winner is whoever guessed the closest. I always leave it up to the mom if they like games or not. Always ask first. 

So, that was our Sports Baby Shower... Happy Partying to you!




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